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Greek Yogurt Oikos Triple Zero 0% Lemon

Crazy about Greek-style yogurt? Passionate about lemons? You will love Oikos Triple Zero Lemon, with its creamy taste, fat free, 0 artificial sweetener and 0 preservative, and 25% less sugar*. Come on, give it a try and let its amazing taste satisfy your cravings for lightness and transport you on a cloud of pleasure.
*than regular Oikos 0%M.G. 4x100g


Yogurt (skim milk, lactase, active bacterial cultures), lemon preparation (water, sugar, lemon pulp, corn starch, natural colour, natural flavour, locust bean gum, lemon juice concentrate)

Nutritional values
Container size/Multipack x4
Greek Yogurt Oikos Triple Zero 0% Lemon

Actus Oikos