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Greek Yogurt Oikos 2% Zesty Mandarine Orange

Little orange pieces bursting with freshness, that’s what comes to mind when we think of mandarins. And that’s why we absolutely had to include them in our list of creamy and authentic Greek yogurt flavours. Try Oikos 2% Greek Zesty Mandarin-Orange yogurt today! A perfect blend of creamy Greek yogurt and exhilarating citrus flavours that will make your taste buds and your senses sing! One taste of this aromatic and velvety smooth treat and you’ll be convinced. You can count on Oikos for flavourful escape moments. Try one for breakfast or for your next snack.


Yogurt (skim milk, cream, active bacterial cultures), fruit on the bottom (sugar, water, orange puree, orange zest, mandarin juice concentrate, corn starch, lemon juice concentrate, sodium citrate, locust bean gum, natural flavour and colour).

Nutritional values
Container size/Multipack x4
Greek Yogurt Oikos 2% Zesty Mandarine Orange

Actus Oikos