About DanOn

We all win by eating well

Danone has put all its nutritional knowledge and expertise at your family's service by creating DanOn.

With its smart recommendations, 2,000 simple balanced recipes, tools that make everyday life easier, and thousands of reductions all year round, you'll definitely love eating well!

Enjoy 100% of the experience by becoming a member and getting the mobile app, so you always have DanOn to hand.

  • Plan easy and healthy recipes with our smart recommendations.

    DanOn Genius lets you plan over 2000 quick-to-make recipes, recommended on the basis of your eating habits and diet.

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  • A simple way to ensure your family eats a balanced diet

    DanOn Genius shows you how varied your family's diet is, to help you keep it balanced and on track.

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  • Automatically generate your shopping list

    With DanOn Genius, your shopping list is created and refined in a few clicks. And thanks to our mobile app, you'll always have it to hand.

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  • Cut your budget with our discount coupons

    Save more than $50 per year, thanks to the discount coupons offered to DanOn account holders

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  • Always on hand

    Thanks to the DanOn Genius app, the DanOn program is as mobile as you are. Your day-to-day partner to good eating.

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About DanOn